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The FAST & PRAY Diet

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The FAST & PRAY Diet


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      Do you feel like your prayers aren't being answered? Are you tired and fatigued? Would you like a closer relationship to God? Would you like to feel healthier and stronger? would you like to lose weight? If you seek a closer relationship with God while getting healthier overall, then you need to order The FAST & PRAY 21-day Diet by Joseph Brooks, see how this program is transforming their lives, spiritually and physically.


                                                         FAST & PRAY 21-day Diet by Joseph Brooks

The FAST & PRAY 21-day Diet is truly unlike any other wellness program that you have ever done. The primary focus here is not on weight loss as most programs are, the focus of the FAST & PRAY 21-day Diet is to help you develop the whole you mind, body and spirit by establishing discipline in all of those areas in 21-days the same amount of days that it takes to form a habit.

Many religions have practiced fasting for years as a way of yielding themselves spiritually to God. Celebrities, top athletes and now even some Doctors cannot deny the benefits of fasting  in regards to the physiology of the human body, which are but not limited to, lower blood pressure,  lower cholesterol levels, reduction of blood sugar, using fat for energy and preserving muscle,weight loss, helps rid you of depression by releasing  endorphins "feel good" chemicals leading to better moods, mental clarity and a lighter food budget.

In 2016 a Japanese, a cell biologist Dr. Yoshinori  Ohsumi won the Nobel prize for his research on the benefits of fasting. Fasting works however with prayer it makes you an unstoppable source of "power" and strength, internally and externally.

The FAST & PRAY 21-day Diet will teach you how to pray according to the will of God and help you when you are not receiving an answer right away, many people do not know how to pray therefore their prayers don't reach the ears of God. If your prayers are selfish in nature, God will not answer them, "When you ask you do not receive because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures. James 4:3.

Prayer must be concise and focused, it is communication with God and just like any loving relationship, communication is extremely important. This program will teach you the correct way to pray so that your prayers may be answered, fasting gives you the strength that you need to hold out until you get an answer from God.

Why aren't your prayers answered? I have given you one reason why your prayers may be hindered, but here is another, it is a spiritual battle between God and Satan for your soul, whether you believe that or not Read Daniel 10: 12-14 Daniel humbled himself and prayed to God for understanding, but he didn't receive an answer for 21 days, an angel appears to him and says that the first day that he prayed God heard his prayer but the angel was delayed in delivering the answer because he was in a spiritual battle and the archangel Michael had to come help him get the answer to Daniel, during this time Daniel had been fasting and praying, had he given up he would have missed his answer.

 God is a God of order, he loves you and yes he wants you to be happy but he wants you to seek him first, Daniel was praying for how to lead his people an unselfish prayer and God gave him an answer, Solomon prayed for wisdom on leading his people and God made him the richest and wisest man that ever lived. Gods concern are people, caring, loving and providing for them is his will and when you seek him for that purpose, he will bless you. "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you." Matthew 6:33 What things? your necessities and some of your hearts desires. "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:3

Do you see the order, Put God and his people first and he will take care of you. This is your guide to better understanding and clarity regarding God and your body, just like every great athlete needs a playbook, this is your playbook for life and overall well-being. The physical benefits are the side effects of a more powerful spiritual effect, don't miss it order copies for you and the ones that you love today. People from all over are experiencing life changing results.

{ Joseph Brooks MFT also give keynote seminars on this subject along with self-defense for women and how both interrelate Email us at to speak for your church, organization, group or company.}