One on One Personal Training


Take it personal

Come experience what everyone is talking about, Next Level personal training is not a cliche, Joseph Brooks has helped thousands of people transform their lives through his fitness and nutrition guidance as a one-on-one coach and TV expert. Celebrities, medical professionals, pageant contestants, parents and kids have trusted Joseph with their health and proven their approval through 5 star ratings. Josephs high retention rate is proof that he is more than a trainer, making him a highly sought after fitness coach and wellness expert. What makes Joseph different than many others in his profession is his passion for service and care for each individual. Joseph gets to know each client, customizing every client and building a solid foundation on the road to success. Joseph built his business by word of mouth which says enough, now allow him to give you the concierge service that his clients rave about and help you take your health and wellness to the Next Level.

*Athletic Training

*Weight loss

*Senior training

*Small Group Training

*Competition Training

Rates: 30 - $60 per session

45 - $70 per session

60 - $100 per session