The Fast and Pray Diet

                                                          FAST & PRAY 21-day Diet by Joseph Brooks

The FAST & PRAY 21-day Diet is truly unlike any other wellness program that you have ever done. The primary focus here is not on weight loss as most programs are, the focus of the FAST & PRAY 21-day Diet is to help you develop the whole you mind, body and spirit by establishing discipline in all of those areas in 21-days the same amount of days that it takes to form a habit.

Benefits of fasting  in regards to the physiology of the human body, which are but not limited to, lower blood pressure,  lower cholesterol levels, reduction of blood sugar, using fat for energy and preserving muscle,weight loss, helps rid you of depression by releasing  endorphins "feel good" chemicals leading to better moods, mental clarity and a lighter food budget.

In 2016 a Japanese, a cell biologist Dr. Yoshinori  Ohsumi won the Nobel prize for his research on the benefits of fasting. Fasting works however with prayer it makes you an unstoppable source of "power" and strength, internally and externally.

  This is your guide to better understanding and clarity regarding God and your body, just like every great athlete needs a playbook, this is your playbook for life and overall well-being. The physical benefits are the side effects of a more powerful spiritual effect, don't miss it order copies for you and the ones that you love today. People from all over are experiencing life changing results.