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Does your next event need a high octane, life changing, transforming speaker? If so, author, actor and speaker Joseph Brooks will captivate your audience with his powerful story, from welfare to wellbeing. Learn how Joseph survived growing up on the notorious east side of San Antonio, Texas to having private parties with Grammy award winners in beautiful castles, you will learn how Joseph overcame a welfare mentality to become a successful TV fitness expert and how life ultimately allowed him an opportunity to perform on the big screen in Joemer Dulatres GRANDMASTER. His story is unlike any you have ever heard, it will change your event goers experience from great to AMAZING!

Joseph has been a featured guest on the #1 variety show KSAT-12’s SA live show, Podcast In Search of Good Men with Erica Vargas, Our Lady of the Lake Universities Book Nook, The Sacral Circle with Host Janie Terrazas and WhiteStone Marketing-Reveal you with Heather Lemons.

The Author of The Fast & Pray 21-day diet and his life-changing book, The Value of a Woman, will teach you how to balance the 3 most important aspects of your life, mind,body and spirit. If any one of these components is out of balance it will cause your body and mind to be out of sync, leading to, health, mental and spiritual issues. This is what you may expect from these powerful seminars.

How to Balance

MIND: Joseph will teach you how to take control of your mind, where negative thoughts such as doubt, fear, anxiety, insecurities, low self image, depression and suicide take place, ultimately leading to physical illness and other catastrophic events including death.

BODY: You will learn how the mind body connection work together to lead you to optimal health and wellness, Joseph will use his experience to teach you how to properly utilize diet and exercise to not only effect your body but more importantly your mind, Learn about the positive effects that intermittent fasting combined with the Ketogenic diet may have on your mind and body and how exercise may positively effect your mindset. You will also learn about the negative impacts of “Sugar” and how it may contribute to cancer, heart disease and alzheimers.

SPIRIT: Over 23 years in ministry as a deacon in the church has learned the significant role that God plays in our lives and how principles such as fasting and prayer will change your life, leading to spiritual, emotional and physical peace and breakthroughs even in the most dire situations.

What people are saying

Joseph Brooks is the personal trainer I recommend to everyone! You will notice right away how motivating and encouraging he is. His positivity and and cheerful energy is palpable to all those around him. It's why I enjoy working with him so much!

His professionalism and passion for what he does is second to none. He has a thorough understanding of how the body works and makes each session different and challenging.

Staying healthy and keeping fit is important for me being in the public eye daily on television. Joseph has helped me achieve my goals and makes it fun and enjoyable to train.

I have also gotten the opportunity to work with Joseph on camera. He is an excellent public speaker and exudes confidence on the air. He is witty, funny and able to ad-lib like a seasoned pro!

Joseph's TV segments are extremely popular with our viewers which is why we will continue to utilize him as a trusted fitness expert for our audience!

Fiona Gorostiza, TV Host ABC KSAT 12

I am Selina Affram, Miss Collegiate San Antonio 2011. A friend of mine raved about the results she received working with Joseph and I was excited to meet some goals with his help.  I worked with Joseph twice a week for two months before the Miss Texas competition.

He was great!  He helped me reach my lowest weight since high school. He pushed me physically and mentally.  I could see muscle tone and definition all over my body.  I built my endurance to run and do lasting cardio exercises along with kickboxing techniques.

I lost weight, body fat, inches in my problem areas (hips and thighs), defined and enhanced my body. I feel great; I look in the mirror and see a sculpted body and can value myself as being beautiful the way God made me.

I received my highest placing at the Miss Texas America pageant and placed 11th place!  I was able to walk across the Miss Texas stage with grace and confidence knowing that I successfully achieved my fitness goals. I couldn't have done it without his training and support!

I have reached the best level of physical fitness ever and I am so happy:) If you want results Joseph Brooks is the one to turn to and he will help achieve your fitness goals.

-Selina O. Affram - Miss Texas Contestant

Joseph helped me create core values for personal training. Not only did he teach me the tactics that aids my clientele’s success but he also instilled the confidence within myself to succeed in such a competitive market. - Myra Theresa Celebrity Coach

We have been going to Joseph for years. He is able to assess quickly what your level is, and work you up the fitness ladder safely and efficiently. He trains anyone and everyone, from elite athletes to octogenarians; from housewives to weekend warriors. He is always professional and right there with you, devoting his full attention and effort on his clients; all the while making it fun with his cheerful presence and optimism. Great for all but I especially recommend him to you if you are a beginner or hesitant about working with a trainer. Go with Joseph and he will make you forget your misgivings very quickly. You will love him, as we do; highly recommended. -Dr. Gordy Hall

You make working out fun!  I'm excited as soon as I walk in the door....Thank you! -Mary

Joseph is a wonderful man who loves what he does. He gave me my first opportunity many years ago and I will always be grateful.

-Deryl Reynolds Athletic Performance Coach

Started a new boot camp with Joseph Brooks...he pushed and motivated us the entire 40 minutes. Loved every minute..

-Debbie Howard

Amazing...amazing...amazing! Best workouts I have ever had! Such a rewarding and inspiring place to work out! - Courtney


Joseph Brooks is a man of God and his faith in training the body, mind and spirit inspires people of all ages! Sheriff Lane Hunt

Motivational Speaking Fees:

Motivational power punch $1500 + Travel & Expense

Mid Keynote Speech 30 minutes $2500 + Travel & Expenses

Full Keynote Speech 1 hr $5000 + Travel & Expense