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An Unbeleivable Story

As an actor, author, television personality and fitness expert. Joseph Brooks has become a sought after authority on everything from fitness to family, through national and local interviews Joseph has had the opportunity to reach millions with his amazing story of how he overcame sexual abuse, bullying and poverty to becoming one of the most sought after experts in his field, Joseph inspires individuals and businesses to overcome any situation because he knows first hand what it takes.

Born in San Antonio Tx, on the cities east side an area renowned for gang violence, drugs and other crimes, Joseph had to navigate through a neighborhood that not even police officers would come into. At age 11 Joseph lost the father that he adored to cancer and would be left to care for his mother until she passed when he was a teenager.

In School, Joseph was labeled a slow learner and placed in special education classes, making him a target for vicious bullying, he was sexually and physically abused as a child and held it in not to worry his parents, he had no formal education after high school but was taught at a young age by his mother, to articulate his words and finish what he started.

Through a series of extraordinary events Joseph would rise to become one of the most successful personal Trainers in Texas, he would also become a TV fitness expert and begin an after school program for disadvantaged kids. Joseph has been a featured on national podcasts, TV and radio.

Joseph and his wife Adriana have been married 30 years and raised 5 kids, which he considers his greatest success, Josephs Custom presentations will inspire, motivate and encourage your attendees to overcome any odds to become a success in spite of a mess and go from “welfare to Well being” you have never heard a story like this, it will surely have your business and personal life operating at a high level of success.

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My Story

From Welfare to Well being - A personal story of Triumph over adversity, learn how to overcome any circumstance to live a victorious life, this speech is ideal for business, personal and overall development.

Business Keynotes

Learn the principles that Joseph used to take him from $5.25 as a floor trainer to being one of the highest paid trainers.

You Just Got Served-Customer Service Training

Lead like you love IT! Leadership Training

Ready, Set,Grow- Team Building

The FIT life- Health and Fitness Keynote

Keynote: Better Body,Better life - Learn why Joseph has risen to a highly sought after expert in the field of health and fitness with over 30 years experience and how fitness has a major Impact on your life.

Marriage and Relationship Keynotes-

Marriage Works-Keynote

Learn the biblical principles that Joseph and his wife used to stay together for 30 years through much heartache and pain yet coming out victorious.

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