Welcome From Joseph

Thank you for choosing to take your life to the Next Level, I wanted to take the time to personally introduce myself. My name is Joseph Brooks, I am an expert personal trainer, what that means to you, is that I have over 30 years experience in every aspect of health and wellness training, offering you a wealth of knowledge ultimately leading to your success. I am also a motivational speaker, actor and author but most importantly a husband and father. 30 years ago I began Next Level as a personal trainer ,I had a passion to help others feel healthy ,strong and confident after losing my father to cancer and mother to heart disease, it was my mission to help save as many as I could from suffering a similar fate.

I began my mission to help other at age 15, working for my first fitness club, this was when personal trainers were only reserved for celebrities and affluent people, as I began transforming individuals physical bodies it soon became apparent that there was so much more than just the physical transformations that needed to take place, in order to really help my clients and others, I had to encompass the 3 facets of total wellness Mind, body and spirit because if one is out of sync all is out of sync.

So, we decided to make Next Level a full service practice adding motivational speaking along with personal training, to insure that people were not only being fed and growing physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. I have been privileged to have been featured as a fitness expert on KSAT-12’s variety show SA live as well as asked to participate or be featured in a number of round tables and podcasts. Through Next level has come a variety of programs such as BABS (Be Alert Be Safe) self-defense program for women as well as “The Value of a Woman” Conferences, which encourage, motivate and inspire women to live their best lives. Our goal at Next Level is to help you as an individual become the best you that you can be and help you find Gods purpose for your life . Next Level is here for you but we can’t begin without you, So contact us for real life change.